Music and Movie Samples

There is no substitute for the Town Sounds' Product. We believe our originality in music composition, production and sound design is what makes us stand apart from the competition.
All music on this site is solely owned by Town Sounds or their respective clients.

Any unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited without written consent from the authors.

Click the links below to download samples of our music. The movies are at the bottom of the page.

Golf Fanfare

Spooky Music
ID Background
GT Hunt

Kronos 1
Kronos 2

Kid's Tetris scientist
Tonka Power Tools Background
Tonka Power Tools Lab Background

Rock Guitar
Accolade Driving Rock
Deer Hunter 3

Acoustic Guitar
Rocky Mountain Hunter Background 1
Rocky Mountain Hunter Background 2
Megan's Guitar

Banjo Dan
McDonald's How I Remember You
Kid's Tetris Haunted
Kid's Tertis 2 PLayer
Tonka Power Tools avi background
Calypso Kids
Calypso Kids 2

Redstorm Theme
Deep Space 10
Gt Hunt Background
Simultainment Hunt Background